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Understanding that in some cases, tree removal is necessary, Urban Forester has the experience and equipment to do any size job. Trees are removed to eliminate the dead and dying and those that have become too hazardous. Removals are also done to eliminate competition and give other trees room to grow. We also remove trees to allow for new construction.
A hazardous part of our job, our skilled crew takes special care and precision to safely cut trees, minimizing impact on your property.

Watch Video Watch Video PRUNING Watch Video
Proper pruning improves the safety, health and value of your trees. Steven Conrad, I.S.A Certified Arborist, can diagnose the best trimming based on industry standards.

Watch Video Watch Video ARTISTIC TRIMMING / HEDGES: Watch Video
We enjoy topiary work, hedge trimming and even special requests! Urban Forester has an eye for art!


Watch Video MATURE TREES: Watch Video
We can suggest thinning, crown reduction, deadwood removal and also provide view trimming to open your vista.


Our experience includes trimming trees to promote strong structure and support future growth. Fruit trees are a specialty...


Watch Video Watch Video STUMP GRINDING: Watch Video
Our machine can remove any stump, allowing you to replant. A great service for small yards.



RECYCLE! Watch Video Urban Forester donates your wood chips to local creek restoration projects and city parks. Firewood is given to those who use it for heating their homes.

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